Spicy Ginger Beer Margaritas

Picture this – It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, it’s a long weekend, maybe you’re relaxing by the pool, or you’re hanging out with friends or family in your back yard, and in your hand is a crisp, refreshing, perfectly balanced slightly spicy slightly sweet and tart Spicy Ginger Beer Margarita.  Does that not sound like an absolute dream?!  You’re in luck, because I happen to have the recipe to the perfect summer drink below and it also happens to be the start of a holiday weekend.  You can make this happen, let’s do this.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can adapt it to your own spice level.  I’ve made it on the more mild side, but if you like the heat, simply add more jalapeno.  I recommend tasting it first as written and than adjust to your own preferences.  More tart?  Add more lime juice.  More sweet? Add more ginger beer.  More spice?  Add more jalapeno.  You get the idea,right?

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?  We are going with our neighbors to their lake house.  I have a confession, this will be my first time going on a lake vacation!  I grew up about an hour from the beach and the ocean will always be my happy place, but I’m excited to try something new.  Being with family and friends is what life is all about and we’re definitely going to be sipping on these special babies this weekend!


Now, let’s get down to business:


3-4 limes, depending on the size.  (I used 4 smaller limes).

2 slices of jalapeno (cut the jalapeno into circular slices)

1/2 shot of triple sec (optional, if you don’t have it on hand feel free to leave it out and add more ginger beer or simple syrup if you prefer it a little sweeter)

2 shots of tequila

1 bottle of ginger beer (non alcoholic and can be found in many grocery stores)

Salt on the rim (We prefer no salt in our house!).


  1. Squeeze lime juice into the bottom of a cocktail shaker.  Add the 2 slices of jalapeno and muddle in the bottom with the lime juice.  I used the bottom of the handle of an ice scream scoop to muddle the jalapeno.  The harder you muddle the jalapeno, the spicier the drink will be.  Once muddled, use a spoon and scoop out the jalapeno.  If you leave it in the shaker it will make the drink much spicier.
  2. Add the triple sec and tequila to the shaker along with some ice, add the lid and give it a good shake!
  3. Pour into a glass, I used a square ice cube in our drinks, and add the ginger beer.  Add enough ginger beer to fill the glass about 3/4 of the way up.  You will have leftover ginger beer.  Taste and adjust as needed.  Add more lime for tartness, ginger beer for sweetness and jalapeno slices for spice.  Enjoy and cheers!


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